What is fruttanuda?
naked jam

Our jam contains only organic fruit.
No thickener, no coloring and certainly no preservatives or artificial flavours.
Instead, you’ll enjoy the flavour, colour and texture of fresh fruit.
Our jam is juicy and colourful, it’s like biting into a piece of ripe fruit…

fresh jam

The fruit that we pick is always high quality, organic, in season and, if possible, locally grown. That's why the number of jars produced can vary from year to year. Don’t overlook that fruttanuda is called “extra”. This is the EU's way of saying that fruttanuda is jam-packed with at least 85 grams of fruit in every 100 grams of produced jam: an intense, divine experience!

unique jam

We like to go our own way. fruttanuda reflects this mind-set. Forget about the traditional way of making jam that requires stirring the fruit for hours and hours over a hot stove … fruttanuda is different also in the way in which it is prepared. We cook the fruit for just the right amount of time to maintain its natural flavour, colour and characteristics. Since we use only the ripest, freshest fruit, the jam can change from one season to the next. The density and colour vary, but fruttanuda will always be healthier, fresher, strikingly more delicious. Dare to be different. Taste fruttanuda and get a singular sensation.

When you’re ready to taste fruttanuda, you’ll find a range of size to choose from:

la prima

330 grams (11.6 oz) your first love.
Your first love. The fruttanuda that you’ll never forget.
Fall for the natural colours and zingy flavours of fresh fruit.
You’ll be enchanted by the succulent strawberry, sun-kissed apricot, fleshy peach, luscious plum, delicate pear and bursting orange.
There's never too much of a good thing.

la passionale

230 grams (8.1 oz).
Choose a gusto that’s sumptuously sophisticated. la passionale, as the name implies, exudes passion all’Italiana.
Arouse your discerning taste buds with intriguing combinations like strawberry&basil, peach&mint, apricot&lavender and pear&nutmeg. They will seduce you.

Who’s in the kitchen?

I am the second in line (and the first girl). She’s the third (and second girl). He’s the eighth (and the baby).
In all, there are eight of us - four girls and four boys. Actually, I take that back, our family is much, much bigger. We have brothers and sisters who were adopted or foster children or simply lived with us for a while.
A huge and hilarious, diverse and demanding family.
In our world, life revolved around the kitchen. It was here where “the Doc” - our mom, Teresa, an oncologist – somehow managed to prepare meals from scratch every day and for every hungry mouth. Delicious, complete meals created with a healthy dose of imagination.

However, she didn't do desserts. Recipes with strict measurements and that forced her to wait for the dough to rise simply didn’t light her fire. Yet there was one exception: jam. The doc concocted a quick recipe that didn’t require hours and hours of stirring. The third in line (Anna Rita) and I inherited this recipe. Over the years, we perfected it, preparing jam thousands of times and giving hundreds of jars as gifts. In the meantime, I was travelling the world for work (international cooperation) yet always dreaming about desserts and jams, while she (number three) followed in the footsteps of our mum, becoming a doctor. At the same time, he (number eight) was mixing it up in the culinary world. With Maurizio and Valerio, he founded the catering company Magnolia Eventi. Two years ago, he said to us, "Why don’t we start making jam and we'll peddle it worldwide?" Yes, definitely!

So that’s how fruttanuda came into being. A hobby at first and then much more. The noisy, joy-filled kitchen of our youth, my dreams, the persistence of the third and the intuition of the eight, the enthusiasm and hard work of the Magnolia Eventi’s staff, our labour and many laughs, our dedication and desire to create wonderful jams that we're always perfecting. And the vitally important taste testers who’ve judged, critiqued and offered invaluable suggestions. All that is vacuum-sealed into every fruttanuda jar.

Open a jar, take a taste test. And you'll understand.

For every season …
  • Orange

    330 g


  • Strawberry

    330 g

  • Strawberry and Basil

    230 g

  • Peach

    330 g

  • Apricot

    330 g

  • Plum

    330 g

  • Apricot & Lavender

    230 g

  • Peach & Mint

    230 g

  • Pear

    330 g

  • Pear & Nutmeg

    230 g


Tired of eating
fruttanuda by the spoonful?
Here are some lip-licking ideas
for enjoying fruttanuda.

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